Monday, November 9, 2015

What do French General Practitioners Get Paid? An OECD Comparison

In a recent report "Panorama de la Santé" The OECD compared physician remuneration to the "average salary" in most of their member countries. French "generalist" doctors were fairly low on the scale, receiving 2.4 times what other salaried workers are paid. This is well below Germany where GPs get 4 times the average salary but ahead of Australia, where they get only 180 percent of the average. Even Canadian GPs get more than the average wage earner, 2.9 times. Pay to doctors in France has been rising, but again, slower than most other countries. The average annual rate of growth in remuneration has been 2.4% for French generalists and 2.9% for specialists. This puts France at third from the bottom of the 11 countries that were tracked. Israel led the way with 5.5% annual growth followed by Belgium with 4.6%. The lowest was in Austria with 1.5% growth. Specialists generally were paid more and rate went up faster except for Austria and the Netherlands where growth was less than half.

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