Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vacancies for Physicians in France; GPs and more surgeons needed.

The French jobs recruiting company Appel Medical reported a "sustained structural shortage" of doctors, at least in some disciplines, including general and emergency medicine. According to the study, as reported in Le Quotidien, the firm analyzed thousands of jobs listed on the ten most popular professional recruitment sites and found exactly 4,356 posted job vacancies for physicians in France in September 2013. This is actually 7% lower than in May, but the decline of vacancies is interpreted as a "trompe l'oeil”, due to the fact that there are more replacement positions that open just before the summer, said Christophe Bougeard, CEO of Appel Medical. GPs are clearly in the lead of the most requested jobs with 1,524 openings (over a third of vacancies). Just behind, emergency medicine (300 openings, up 40%), anesthesiologists and gerontologists are also at the top of the list. Regarding emergency medicine, "These results demonstrate the difficulty of the job, characterized by a turnover greater than the average," was Christophe Bougeard’s analysis. Surgeons: according to the report, the number of openings for surgeons showed the greatest proportional growth between May and September 2013 (130%). But the total was much smaller, there were only 113 openings for surgeons posted, up from 87 in May.