Saturday, February 5, 2011

What does a French doctor charge?

In France you can find out exactly what the doctor will charge you by looking them up using Ameli-Direct, a service of the Securité Sociale, Assurances Maladie, the national health insurance system.

You just have to enter the name and location of the doctor and you'll get a page that details their charges. The list won't be very long, as there are only a few options for charges for a generalist and specialists provide a sample of charges for common procedures but it can be very informative.

A general surgeon in Avignon, Dr. Alexandre Llory, specifies his charges for excising a pylonidal cyst, that range from 147,24 € to 153,13 €. Three other procedures are listed for Dr. Llory on the results page. Office visit charges are also listed;hHis normal consultation charge is 40€ but only 23€ are reimbursed by the insurance system.

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