Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cosmetic Surgery in France--A Shift in Emphasis for Women

According to a survey done by IFOP for the newspaper le Parisien late last year, 14% of women reported that they have used esthetic medicine or esthetic surgery for significant procedures. This is up from 6% in 2002. Younger women account for the fastest growth in use of esthetic medicine; 9% of females 18-24 reported they had already had at least one procedure.

The most common surgical interventions are breast enhancement (19% of those reporting a procedure). Wrinkle treatments are second, (18%), followed by “remodelisation of the thighs and/or buttocks via liposuction" which comes in third (13%). This is s shift from 2002 when the most common surgical procedures were hair-removal, nose reshaping and belly reduction. Breast enhancement surgery was reported only rarely 7 years ago.

Most of the French women, 64% of those responding who have had this surgery, say they do this for their own confidence with only 6% saying they did this to please their partner. This, again, represents a change from 2002 when 21% of women said it was for their significant other.

These kinds of medical treatments are not covered by the French health national insurance system and the cost of the work can be significant. For wrinkle injections the charges are between 380€ and 650€ ($490-$610) depending on the parts of the body being treated. A breast augmentation will cost between $4,000 and $5,000 with a “lifting” of the buttocks up to $14,000. The only cases the state insruance will cover are reconstruction of the breast(s) after cancer treatment.


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